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Download our printable guide by clicking the link above.

People Filling Out Paperwork

Below you can find a list of items that you may need to bring with you when visiting one of our Glaucoma Center of Michigan locations and meeting with one of our physicians. Some of the items listed below may not be required at this time for patients who are return visitors of the Glaucoma Center of Michigan. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any other matter pertaining to Glaucoma Center of Michigan’s policy or staff, please call or email us at any of our locations.

  • Your eyeglasses.
  • A list of medications that you take (including eye drops).
  • The name and address of your referring eye doctor.
  • The name, address and phone number of your general medical or family doctor.
  • Information on your insurance coverage or HMO/PPO referral forms.
  • Someone to drive you home after your appointment.
  • Remember, your appointment will last 2 to 3 hours.

Glaucoma Center of Michigan now has three convenient offices.  Our flagship Southfield office is located near the northwest corner of Telegraph Road and West Twelve Mile Road, just north of the Northwestern Highway/I-696 interchange.  It is accessible from either Twelve Mile or Telegraph Road.  Ample free parking is available. The North entrance provides the most handicap parking and ease of entrance into the building.  Inside, elevators take you to our third floor suite.  After exiting the elevator, turn right and proceed directly into our office.

Our office to serve Eastside patients is located on the south side of Twelve Mile, just east of Little Mack and approximately ¼ mile east of I-94 in the Ascension St. John  complex.  After entering through the West entrance doors, GCM is the first office on the right.  Ample free parking is also available.

Our Dearborn location serves the Western Wayne and Downriver areas.  It is in the 3rd large building (called Eastpointe) on Garrison which leads off of Outer Dr.  It is just north of Michigan Ave. and approximately ½ mile east of Telegraph.  Handicap parking is directly across from the building entrance.  There is ample free parking in front (east) of the building and in the multi-level parking structure west of the building.  Enter the building and our office is conveniently located just to the right in Suite 102.

We participate in most medical plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicare. Our patient account representatives will process the appropriate insurance forms for you. If you have an HMO insurance, it is your responsibility to bring the necessary authorization from your PCP’s (Primary Care Physician) office to your appointment.

Dilating your pupils with eye drops does cause temporary blurring of vision and increased light sensitivity.  You may be more comfortable having someone accompany you to the office so that he or she can drive you home.  The major effect of the eye drops generally wears off after 3 to 4 hours in most people.  We suggest you bring sunglasses.

A Doctor Examining a Patient

You will first be asked to complete several forms providing us basic information about you, your eyes, any medical problems, and your insurance coverage. In addition to the name of the eye doctor who referred you to us, we would like the name, address and phone number of your family or general medical doctor. Our staff will assist you in completing the forms if necessary.

When your registration has been completed, you will be directed from our reception area to our examination area. One of our ophthalmic technicians will review the reason for your consultation and take some preliminary measurements of your eyes and your eyesight. Then you will see the doctor, who will evaluate your eyes. Following that, you will have a visual field test which checks your peripheral vision. The technicians may instill eye drops to dilate your pupils. Dilation of the pupils is usually necessary in order to completely examine your eyes. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes for your pupils to fully dilate after the drops have been given.

When your pupils are fully dilated, you will again be examined by the doctor. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your eye condition or its treatment. Depending upon the nature of your problem, additional tests will be performed the same day as your consultation. A complete report of your consultation and any test results are sent to both your eye doctor and general medical doctor.

The average consultation requires 2 to 3 hours. If special testing or scheduling of surgery is required, you can expect to spend up to one additional hour at our facility. We make every effort to follow closely to our patients’ scheduled times. Therefore, we ask that you arrive by your scheduled appointment time, and call us if you will be unusually delayed.

For the convenience of our other patients, we would appreciate 24-hours notice of your cancellation. We generally can reschedule your appointment within a few days.

4 Convenient Locations

Southfield Office

29201 Telegraph Rd., Suite 301
Southfield, MI 48034
Call (248) 356-0098

Eastside Office

21000 Twelve Mile Rd., Suite 108
St Clair Shores, MI 48081
Call (586) 445-1170

Dearborn Office

19853 W. Outer Dr., Suite 102
Dearborn, MI 48124
Call (313) 561-4070

Rochester Office

1135 W. University Dr., Suite 440
Rochester, MI 48307
Call (248) 356-0098
(248) 356-0098
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